Green Lip Abalone Cakes

Green Lip Abalone Cakes

500grms Green Lip Abalone                                                   1tsp ground coriander

2 Medium Eggs (Lightly Beaten)                                            1/4 tsp white pepper

1/4 cup sour cream                                                                   2 cups cornflake crumbs

2 tbsp minced chilli                                                                     1tbsp fresh lime juice

2 tbsp minced scallot                                                                   1tbsp fresh lemon juice

2 tbsp minced seedless cucumber                                             2tbsp fresh orange juice

1 tbsp fresh chopped chives                                                        2 cups panko bread crumbs

1 tsp grated lemon rind                                                                canola oil for frying

2 1/2 grated orange rind

1 tsp salt

Place abalone in a food processor and pulse till finely chopped. Transfer abalone into a bowl,add egg,sour cream, chilli ,scallot, cucumber,fresh chives.Stir in lemon rind,orange rind, salt, ground coriander,white pepper, and cornflake crumbs. Slowly add juices until mixture is slightly wet,but still holds together. Cover and chill for at least 1 hour.

Form chilled mixture into 12 balls (golfball size), lightly roll into panko breadcrumbs. Flatten ball to form 1/2 inch thick patties.

Pour oil into skillet (around 1/2 inch), Fry Patties 3-4 mins per side, in small batches until golden.

Remove from pan, and drain on absorbent towels. Transfer onto a baking sheet, and keep warm in a 200deg oven.

Serve with dill infused whole egg mayonnaise or, if you prefer, sweet chilli sauce.