How to Buy/Thaw Frozen Seafood

How to Buy/Thaw Frozen Seafood

It is a well-known fact that much of the seafood presented for display around Perth is frozen product that has been thawed. For example: Prawns, a Western Australian favourite, arrive in Perth from the northwest of WA in frozen cartons, having been snap frozen onboard to ensure freshness and quality.

The utmost care is taken in the preparation of seafood products. Each item is “Snap Frozen” at minus 50 degrees. “Snap Freezing” seals in the freshness and as a result, the product’s nutrition and natural texture are preserved.

Why buy a thawed product if you don’t know how long it’s been thawed, or even how many times it has been frozen?

At Direct Seafoods O’Connor we have an extensive range of “Snap Frozen” seafood available to enjoy.

Thawing Instructions

Once home, simply place your frozen seafood in a bowl of tap water for a few minutes, then pat dry. Your seafood is now ready to cook and eat – the way it should be.

This thawing principle applies to all frozen seafood.